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Spring 18 Magazine Wildflower feature

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The Spring 18 issue celebrates just a few incredible varieties of wildflowers that are grown here in Australia. Different areas of the world are known for producing a particular range or type of flowers and the feedback I receive from florists and flower lovers across the world is that they all very much admire our Australian signature variety and range of flowering wattles, eucalyptus gums, foliages, the kangaroo paws and waratah flowers that they see throughout the year grown here in Australia and used in floral designs across all mediums. Craig Scott from one of our leading Australian wildflower growers has provided the amazing range of wildflower specimens you see in the Spring 18 Magazine. Craig’s family farm grows a mix of Australian and South African native flowers and wildflowers. Here are a few of my iPhone photos from the day at Craig’s farm.


The Studio by Fleur - Masterclass 2018/19 bookings now open

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Don’t miss the opportunity to attend one of Fleur McHarg’s Masterclasses - there is a limited schedule of classes available over the next year - each masterclass has valuable learning concepts with purpose. Book via the Studio by Fleur website. All class descriptions are listed on the website

I was so fortunate to attend the July 18 colour masterclass which features in our Spring 18 issue of the Flowerseekers Magazine. I’ve attached some of my iphone photos from the 2 incredible days I spent with Fleur, her team and the attendees. Attend one of Fleur’s masterclasses if you can - held in Fleur’s flower studio - you will be immersed in flowers with the best quality materials and a stimulating 2 day program of hands on making and creative learning.

Masterclasses and floral workshops are an opportunity to learn and if you stop learning you stop growing and developing - so I encourage everyone to step into a learning environment each year. Inspiration - meeting the makers that inspire you feeds creativity and stimulates the possibility of new design concepts.

Attending masterclass opportunities with leading experienced professionals such as Fleur McHarg is the ultimate and definitely the most worthwhile investment you can make.

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Australian Flower Farm Jonima Flowers - Yanderra NSW

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The flowers come from somewhere right?  At the Flowerseekers we love meeting the growers that supply the flowers to the Australian market - industry vendors and the flower lovers.  The Summer 18 issue features Jonima Flowers - here is a few more images of their property taken by photographer Abbie Melle.  

images by Abbie Melle Photographer @abbie_melle

images by Abbie Melle Photographer @abbie_melle


Workspace - Studio Florist Becca Caves - Flora Folk

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Our Summer 18 issue of the Flowerseekers Magazine includes a new regular column "Workspace" where we will feature workspaces of Australian based florists - artists - growers and stylists throughout the year.   Summer we stepped into the studio florist Flora Folk with Becca Caves.  As a busy working florist Becca needs a practical workspace - a floor that can tolerate lots of water spillage as the day involves rotating many buckets and bunches of flowers and foliage for cutting - prepping and soaking.  Work bench space to stand and prep at with her team - storage racks for a variety of vessels and vases.  Tools - tool belts - work aprons.   Then there is a the admin side of floristry - a desk to run your computer for emails and marketing - meeting clients - branding materials for gifting and business.  Becca's studio is set in the garden of a beachside suburb - its where she feels her creativity is engaged and nurtured as she works away to her favourtie tunes each day.  Elements of inspiration are sprinkled about her studio - her floral book collection - seaside treasures and dried elements collected from her seaside walks and hikes.  Whats your workspace like? we would love to see it - get in touch via email  Here's a few more pics of the Flora Folk Studio by photographer Amelia Grose @ameliagrose


This week at Sydney Flower Market

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Spring is in full swing and the Sydney Flower Market is bursting with an incredible selection of flowers and foliages.   The mild and warm winter has seen the roses, lilac and many other flowers burst into full bloom earlier this year.  Premium peonies are readily available all over market at the moment averaging about $20 a bunch with the coral peonies being complete show stoppers. There is beautiful David Austin Roses available, stunning colour waves on the iris and smoke bush to add stunning contrast and texture to designs.  There is a superb range of  king protea, paper daisy and pin cushsions in oranges and yellows.  Classic hydrangea in whites/pinks and blue are filtering into most stands and it won't be long before there is a sea of hydrangea across market.  For those that like to make wreaths - get your orders in for monkey vine/kiwi fruit vine wreath frames there is some availability on market but ordering ahead if you want high volume is essential.  We are very fortunate here in Sydney to have an amazing range of growers working tirelessly to grow, produce and have available incredible stock to buy.

Visiting Melbourne? The Flowerseekers share a few of Melbourne's best floral hotspots

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Not only is Melbourne full of incredible food, coffee and art, if you are a flower lover there are fantastic flower shops and studios to visit and enjoy.    Melbourne is home to some of our very best florists.  Here we share a few pics from our time in Melbourne. All within easy reach of the Melbourne CBD we visited:

Glasshaus Flowers their flower shop within a café space at Richmond - so good coffee, food, flowers and their amazing flower + plant venues (x2)  around the corner from the flower shop

we went to florist Hattie Molloy's open studio evening with creative makers Bridget Bodenham + Leila Sanderson

Flowers Vasette at Fitzroy the iconic flower store set on a corner is open 7 days a week, has the friendliest staff and is always abundant in blooms

Tribal Rose Florist is another flower shop in Fitzroy - a gorgeous art deco building with beautiful stain glass detail, timber floors and stunning flowers

we were fortunate to step into the new studio space of The Studio by Fleur (open by appointment) a warehouse studio space - follow @thestudiobyfleur to catch glimpses of Fluer's amazing new workspace + studio - flower magic happens there

meeting lovely Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler in their Looseleaf Studio at Collingwood was a highlight having admired their work from afar for a longtime - their greenspace warehouse is a treat to step into and enjoy

we dropped in to see the talented Melanie Stapleton (Cecilia Fox) + team to take a peek at their working warehouse space

Pollon Flowers in Flinders Lane Melbourne is another beautiful store experience set in a heritage building with an eclectic collection of botanical gifting, gorgeous staff and beautiful bouquets

Kate Hill Flowers at Prahan is another must visit flower shop - contemporary - classy filled with premium blooms

we visited Flos Botanical Studio - a new store at Abbotsford opened by the talented Vivien Hollingsworth experienced florist and designer it was exciting to sit down in her new space, drink tea and chat all things flowers

we went to the Rose Street market at Fitzroy and enjoyed stepping into the greenhouse plant space of Plant by Packwood - where you can buy terrariums that you can take home on a plane!

for me, stepping into flower shops and spaces is like a botanic interlude - a moment of beauty to enjoy

to all the florists + creatives that made Eloise my designer and I feel so welcome we say thank you - it was a joy to catch up with you all in real life Xxxx







Floret Workshop 2017 with Tanya Shaw @ohflorastudio

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Many of us dream of travelling across the world to step on to the flower farm of Floret in Mount Vernon Washington.   Sydney based florist Tanya Shaw has been not once but twice - the first time as a workshop attendee and then again this year to work as part of Team Floret assisting.   Here are more of Tanya's photos from her time at the workshop this year - you can read more in our Spring 17 issue of the Flowerseekers and on Tanya's personal journal via her website 

Capturing Spring with Myra Perez @mivioleta

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For the Spring 17 issue Luisa Brimble photographer and I stepped into the flower cave of Sydney Florist Myra Perez @mivioleta to capture the feeling of spring.   Myra takes alot of photos of her work as she makes in her studio so it was great to "step into the picture" in a sense having admired those blue patina washed walls and having glimpses of Myra's collection of vase ware for well, years really.   Of course meeting Myra was another highlight - social media allows us the audience into Myra's working life every day - so I think Myra is surprised at just how connected we the flower loving audience (or in my case flower nerd)  feel towards her - Myra sees it as sharing her designs for us flower lovers to enjoy but little does she realise we the audience not only love the work she produces but also love and admire the pocket rocket Myra with the big smile, the floral magician that creates beautiful everyday. 

Images: Luisa Brimble Location: My Violet

FlowerShop : Summers Floral

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This is Summers Floral our Spring "17 Flower Shop feature.  I cannot resist a beautiful flower shop it always feels like stepping into an oasis when you come across one - a botanic interlude.   Summers Floral is charming, beautifully styled with love and passion by its owners Fleur and Mark Vander Straaten and always brimming with premium, seasonal flowers.  Read the story of Summers Floral in the Spring 17 issue -  let yourself be transported into the shop by enjoying  these images by photographer Luisa Brimble. You can find Summers Floral here

The Studio by Fleur

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Fleur McHarg @thestudiobyfleur is our feature Australian florist in the Spring 17 issue.  Incredible is just one word to describe this floral concept maker and designer that inspires industry peers and creatives all over the world.   Down to earth, warm, witty and generous are all other words that instantly come to mind when I think of Fleur.   Below is just a small collection of images of Fleur's floral design work from media/fashion/event styling to weddings and making in her studio.   View more of Fleur's work at and keep up to date with new work via her instagram account @thestudiobyfleur or online here

Rose Apple Flowers @rose_apple_flowers

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Rebecca Uhlmann is Rose Apple Flowers - a florist with a studio near Byron Bay on the North Coast of New South Wales.   I've been a huge fan of Rebecca's floral work for a very long time she has such a beautiful romantic style, her colour palettes and ingredients are always a joy to see.   Rebecca shares with us her floral work for a Byron Bay wedding at The Earth House at Byron Bay with lovely images by Heart and Colour Photographer.  Find more about Rose Apple Flowers here

Flower Focus : Hellebores

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When we asked our flower loving audience what else they would like to see each season in the magazine the response was "more information on flower types"  so we have collaborated with Sydney florist, flower and plant lover Sophia Kaplan @sophia_kaplan to incorporate a flower focus each issue.  We will endeavour to bring you more flower and grower info on this blog as we move along and of course if there is anything you would like more info on please do ask! Hellebores are a current favourite and a little wonder why - they bloom in cool dappled light and appear just one season a year to dazzle you with their beauty.   Sophia tells you more in the spring issue.  Below we share more images by Luisa Brimble photographer @luisabrimble taken with the Garden Clinic Club @gardenclinicclub one of the best resources you can find if you want to know more about all plants and flowers.

Trille Floral : A new type of workshop

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I don't think anyone will argue with me when I declare that Cara Fitch of Trille Floral has that special touch and talent for creating the most wildly romantic and rambling wedding bouquets.   Also hugely admired for her footed bowl designs I was delighted to see Cara move into offering one on one workshops.  To create bouquets and bowls like Cara does - ones that look like they have been effortlessly "picked" from the garden and have natural grace with whimsical wandering lines is a true art.  So much thought and technique goes into achieving Cara's floral designs.   Cara's workshops are personal and bespoke, put together by Cara so that it is a valuable and memorable learning experience.  A workshop that is a unique learning experience for participants to learn one on one from one of the industry's most talented florists.  Workshop enquiries should be directed to keep up to date with Cara's work @trillefloral see more workshop images below and on Cara's website blog

Workshop images by Lilli Kad Photography    Workshop attendee: Olivia Cotterill

Annabelle Hickson - French Forage

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Annabelle Hickson is a generous supporter and contributor of The Flowerseekers magazine.  From the day I approached Annabelle to ask if she would possibly write each season for the magazine she was whole heartedly onboard and I cannot thank her enough.   A natural gifted writer full of honesty and fun humour, Annabelle is also a talented photographer and flower addict - yes she falls in to the "addict" - that is flower addict category.  Annabelle lives on the far north coast of New South Wales on a pecan farm with her husband and three children.   Annabelle brings flowers and foliages to the magazine from a different perspective - not from a flower shop/florist but from a remote country property living view - which has seen Annabelle forage and bring the elements of the landscape into her home and dream up creative installations for workshops, community dinners and more.  If you follow her instagram @annabellehickson and or her blog you will understand what I mean and you will also get that feeling that Annabelle finds exploring and gathering flowers, grasses, branches and spending endless hours arranging them to enjoy and photograph almost mediative and therapeutic - a relaxing distraction that brings her joy.   Annabelle's photography/writing and flower addiction has seen her travel wide and far across Australia, Europe and just recently to France.  The Spring 17 issue - Annabelle shares an insight and her stunning photo collection from a recent workshop with Flore Vallery-Radot which looked absolutely magical and the complete flower lover's dream.