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Workspace - Studio Florist Becca Caves - Flora Folk

sonya gardiner

Our Summer 18 issue of the Flowerseekers Magazine includes a new regular column "Workspace" where we will feature workspaces of Australian based florists - artists - growers and stylists throughout the year.   Summer we stepped into the studio florist Flora Folk with Becca Caves.  As a busy working florist Becca needs a practical workspace - a floor that can tolerate lots of water spillage as the day involves rotating many buckets and bunches of flowers and foliage for cutting - prepping and soaking.  Work bench space to stand and prep at with her team - storage racks for a variety of vessels and vases.  Tools - tool belts - work aprons.   Then there is a the admin side of floristry - a desk to run your computer for emails and marketing - meeting clients - branding materials for gifting and business.  Becca's studio is set in the garden of a beachside suburb - its where she feels her creativity is engaged and nurtured as she works away to her favourtie tunes each day.  Elements of inspiration are sprinkled about her studio - her floral book collection - seaside treasures and dried elements collected from her seaside walks and hikes.  Whats your workspace like? we would love to see it - get in touch via email  Here's a few more pics of the Flora Folk Studio by photographer Amelia Grose @ameliagrose