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Annabelle Hickson - French Forage

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Annabelle Hickson is a generous supporter and contributor of The Flowerseekers magazine.  From the day I approached Annabelle to ask if she would possibly write each season for the magazine she was whole heartedly onboard and I cannot thank her enough.   A natural gifted writer full of honesty and fun humour, Annabelle is also a talented photographer and flower addict - yes she falls in to the "addict" - that is flower addict category.  Annabelle lives on the far north coast of New South Wales on a pecan farm with her husband and three children.   Annabelle brings flowers and foliages to the magazine from a different perspective - not from a flower shop/florist but from a remote country property living view - which has seen Annabelle forage and bring the elements of the landscape into her home and dream up creative installations for workshops, community dinners and more.  If you follow her instagram @annabellehickson and or her blog you will understand what I mean and you will also get that feeling that Annabelle finds exploring and gathering flowers, grasses, branches and spending endless hours arranging them to enjoy and photograph almost mediative and therapeutic - a relaxing distraction that brings her joy.   Annabelle's photography/writing and flower addiction has seen her travel wide and far across Australia, Europe and just recently to France.  The Spring 17 issue - Annabelle shares an insight and her stunning photo collection from a recent workshop with Flore Vallery-Radot which looked absolutely magical and the complete flower lover's dream.