The FlowerSeekers

Flower Focus : Hellebores

sonya gardiner

When we asked our flower loving audience what else they would like to see each season in the magazine the response was "more information on flower types"  so we have collaborated with Sydney florist, flower and plant lover Sophia Kaplan @sophia_kaplan to incorporate a flower focus each issue.  We will endeavour to bring you more flower and grower info on this blog as we move along and of course if there is anything you would like more info on please do ask! Hellebores are a current favourite and a little wonder why - they bloom in cool dappled light and appear just one season a year to dazzle you with their beauty.   Sophia tells you more in the spring issue.  Below we share more images by Luisa Brimble photographer @luisabrimble taken with the Garden Clinic Club @gardenclinicclub one of the best resources you can find if you want to know more about all plants and flowers.