The FlowerSeekers

Capturing Spring with Myra Perez @mivioleta

sonya gardiner

For the Spring 17 issue Luisa Brimble photographer and I stepped into the flower cave of Sydney Florist Myra Perez @mivioleta to capture the feeling of spring.   Myra takes alot of photos of her work as she makes in her studio so it was great to "step into the picture" in a sense having admired those blue patina washed walls and having glimpses of Myra's collection of vase ware for well, years really.   Of course meeting Myra was another highlight - social media allows us the audience into Myra's working life every day - so I think Myra is surprised at just how connected we the flower loving audience (or in my case flower nerd)  feel towards her - Myra sees it as sharing her designs for us flower lovers to enjoy but little does she realise we the audience not only love the work she produces but also love and admire the pocket rocket Myra with the big smile, the floral magician that creates beautiful everyday. 

Images: Luisa Brimble Location: My Violet